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Project Management

Fujitsu has a regional project management team dedicated to focusing on mission critical projects to meet the demands of our customers whilst ensuring that the customers' objectives are met professionally and profitably. We strongly believe that our commitment to project management will enhance and improve our customer service delivery. In short, our business is about the delivery of one project or another.

The groundwork stage forms the most important part of our project cycle. This stage is very important to establish the clients needs and objectives and ensure our project delivery will be focused on meeting these objectives. This will eliminate errors and project blunders. The following steps are essential to establishing the framework for each project that we undertake to manage and deliver:

  • Scoping and business case assessment of technical, operational and financial processes
  • Solution planning - combines the results of the business analysis to determine best fit to build the project outline
  • Site survey - assess the environment for suitability of requirements to determine any specific infrastructural work that would be necessary before the project commences
  • Vendor management - we will work with all participating vendors to ensure the smooth transition during the delivery phase

The next stage involves preparing a project management plan based on information gathered during the groundwork phase. At this point, we assign a dedicated customer-specific team comprising the Project Manager who has the responsibility of overseeing, monitoring and ensuring the timely and successful delivery of each project; technical and sales resources and of course, the assigned representative(s) from the customer.

Throughout the life cycle of each project, from vision through to implementation, strict adherence to quality and service procedures is maintained at all times.

Fujitsu have successfully delivered several mission critical projects across the Caribbean and have a team of dedicated and skilled professionals to help you to achieve your goals.

At Fujitsu, we believe that what mankind can dream, technology can achieve. Let us help you to achieve your IT vision by partnering with us.