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Fujitsu M10 Servers

Fujitsu SPARC M10 Servers

The ultimate statement for SPARC server performance, scalability, and reliability

  • Built with the mission-critical heritage found in all Fujitsu products
  • Hosts Solaris 10 and 11 natively, Solaris 8 and 9 in Solaris Zone
  • Seamlessly scalable from 2  to 1,024 processor cores, with up to 32TB of memory
  • Implements industry-leading Software on Chip (SWoC) technology

The Fujitsu M10 servers are an innovative collaboration between Oracle and Fujitsu to produce the most flexible and powerful Oracle database and application servers in existence. Combining the software expertise of Oracle developers with the hardware expertise of Fujitsu engineers to create the Software on Chip (SWoC) hardware-based accelerators, the Fujitsu M10 product line will provide huge gains in performance over existing SPARC and competitive architectures while hosting Oracle software. Incorporating trickle-down technology from the world-class Fujitsu supercomputers, the Fujitsu M10 servers provide the industry with high scalability and performance.

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What Fujitsu can do for your Enterprise
We can help you create a world-class data center that is highly secure, highly available and fully redundant. Furthermore, if you have issues with power, cooling or space, we can work with you to implement a Green IT roadmap.

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Services and Support

To succeed in today’s highly demanding business environments, you depend upon your IT resources as never before. At Fujitsu, we understand the technological challenges you face everyday, after all, we’ve been providing enterprise solutions for over thirty-five years.

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