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Product milestones

Here you can browse through the telecommunications equipment, computers, semiconductors and other major product breakthroughs that mark Fujitsu in the history of ICT. You can read more about each milestone in the individual technology categories.

Telecommunications Equipment

 Starting off in 1935 as a telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Fujitsu began making switching systems and transmission equipment to support the telephone network. Over time, the equipment took on new and various forms as these telecommunication networks began to be used not only for telephone services, but for the transmission of computer data as well.

Switching Systems

Transmission Equipment

Radio Devices


 In 1954, using a device called a telephone switchboard relay, Fujitsu's main product at the time, Fujitsu developed Japan's first relay-type electronic computer, the FACOM 100. The era of mainframe computing had begun, and Fujitsu grew to become Japan's leading computer manufacturer. As telecommunications networks and semiconductor technology became increasingly sophisticated, a wide array of computers, including business computers designed for office work automation, specialized word processors for creating documents, and small-sized, full-featured personal computers began to appear.

Main Frame Computers

Business Computers

Word Processors

Personal Computers

Electronic Components

 Personal computers, mobile phones and other products use many parts, including semiconductors and electronic components. This section features the semiconductors and electronic components that have supported Fujitsu's products.

Semiconductors and Electronic Components


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