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Solutions for the Communications Industry

Fujitsu serves a diverse range of customers in a broad span of industries and markets including:



OEM/ODM Products:

  • ASIC for packet processing, traffic management, metro area and entreprise networks
  • Connectors for routers, switches, servers and PC cards
  • KVM Switches for network server control systems, data centers, SOHO LAN systems
  • Memory (FRAM) for RFID and smart cards
  • Optical Modules for optical networks
  • Signal Relays for XDSL transmitters, IP phones, line cards, modems, digital loop carriers, access networks, and fax machines

Fujitsu Facts

  • Fujitsu is the market leader in Optical Networking in North America
  • Nearly 400,000 Fujitsu optical networking products have been deployed across North America
  • SBC/AT&T has named Fujitsu one of their "Outstanding Suppliers" for the last five year
  • Fujitsu is the only major Optical Networking vendor to manufacture equipment in North America
  • Fujitsu brings in as much global revenue as Cisco and Nortel combined

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