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Fujitsu Tablet PCs for Healthcare Industry

Fujitsu Tablet PCs for Healthcare Industry

As hospitals and clinics strive to give patients better care on tighter budgets, they are increasingly turning to computers for help. One computer solution is the use of Fujitsu Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs come in tablet and convertible forms. Tablet PCs operate primarily using a touch screen; convertible Tablet PCs can operate as a notebook or a slate depending on the orientation of the screen. Tablet PCs are popular in hospitals because they improve communications amongst doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. By allowing caregivers to digitally read, update, and share information, Tablet PCs provide faster, easier access to more accurate information. In doing so, they decrease costs while improving patient satisfaction.

An all-access digital chart

Doctors, nurses, and other staff members fill out forms throughout the day, from progress notes to lab orders to medicinal prescriptions. On paper, all such information would be stored in a single file that could only be accessed by one person. Because a Tablet PC is small and comfortable enough to carry around all day, and because it utilizes a digital file format, any care staff member can enter, retrieve and update patient information at any time on their Tablet PC. No more waiting for patient record updates. Because of its wireless capabilities, the staff can obtain this patient information from any location on the hospital’s grounds or even from a remote location. By putting patient information at their fingertips, caregivers can focus more on providing care rather than managing records.

Life-saving accuracy

In the fast-paced atmosphere of a hospital, accuracy is critical to patient safety. Unfortunately, illegible notes and scripts can lead to harmful (even fatal) treatment errors. Data put into a Tablet PC using voice command, keyboard, or pen can be turned into typed text. This can drastically improve accuracy and improve patient outcomes.

Operational efficiency

The capabilities of Tablet PCs can create tremendous cost-saving benefits for a hospital. For example, Tablet PCs can significantly reduce the costs of medical filing because they digitize and automate the record-keeping process. Using the Tablet PCs text conversion feature improves legibility, which can reduce expenses made from illegible lab orders, prescriptions, and staff notes. Finally, because the digital patient file is more comprehensive than a paper file, and because computers give staff access to the Internet, doctors can make more informed decisions about patient treatment. This can reduce some costs incurred from trial-and-error diagnostics.

Enhanced patient care

Thanks to Tablet PCs, medical staff can now spend their time focusing on caring for patients rather than managing paperwork. Access to patient information is now available whenever it is needed especially when actually seeing the patient. With the ability to instantly input, retrieve and update a patient’s, records, the nursing staff can better see patient data and spend more time attending to patient needs.

Choosing the right Tablet PC

Now that you know how useful a Tablet PC can be for a healthcare professional, it’s important to choose the right unit. A Tablet PC utilized in a hospital setting needs to last through the entire work day, so look for a unit with at least 8 hours of battery life. In addition, look for a system that is lightweight and ergonomic so that it can easily be carried around all day. You also need a Tablet PC that is sturdy enough to endure the hazards of the hospital, including vibration, drops and spilled liquids. Fujitsu makes a wide range of Tablet PCs that are used extensively in hospital settings and ambulatory care to increase staff productivity and provide more efficient patient care.

Why choose Fujitsu for healthcare?

  • All of our technologies and solutions are focused on enhancing the patient experience and medical outcomes through the latest IT innovations and process enhancements.
  • You benefit from our impressive and rich tradition of healthcare research at our dedicated laboratories.
  • You can rely on us to take projects “from bench to bedside”.
  • We adopt a benefits-driven approach to the design and delivery of programs, ensuring that advances in information and communications technology can drive true change and efficiency gains.
  • We create momentum among key stakeholder groups to promote innovative, more effective ways of delivering healthcare with the added benefit of addressing rising cost pressures.