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Fujitsu Storage Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Fujitsu Storage Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Fujitsu healthcare storage innovative solutions provide a range of offerings including: backup, storage operation, database performance, virtualized environments and overall performance enhancement. Fujitsu follows storage projects from the initial idea through the planning stage right up to successful implementation.

Technologies owned by Fujitsu and comprehensive service offerings are complemented with products from leading storage technology partners to enable customers to build and operate Dynamic Infrastructures for data management and protection.

Disk Storage Systems

Up-to-date business-critical data inventories form the backbone of each and every enterprise. Online storage solutions from Fujitsu protect this data from loss and store it in a most cost-effective way. Read moreOpen a new window

Tape Storage Systems

Tape systems delivered by Fujitsu include some of the most powerful products of the market, delivering the industry leading performance and reliability. Read MoreOpen a new window

Data Protection Solutions

Enterprise data is one of the most valuable assets in any company. Only an effective data protection strategy can prevent data losses that can threaten the competitiveness or even the very existence of an enterprise. Fujitsu offers a complete portfolio of world class data protection products and services with ETERNUS® CS at its heart. Read moreOpen a new window

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage software products optimally integrated and tested with our device and solution portfolio to make efficient use of your storage base. Read moreOpen a new window

Why choose Fujitsu for healthcare?

  • All of our technologies and solutions are focused on enhancing the patient experience and medical outcomes through the latest IT innovations and process enhancements.
  • You benefit from our impressive and rich tradition of healthcare research at our dedicated laboratories.
  • You can rely on us to take projects “from bench to bedside”.
  • We adopt a benefits-driven approach to the design and delivery of programs, ensuring that advances in information and communications technology can drive true change and efficiency gains.
  • We create momentum among key stakeholder groups to promote innovative, more effective ways of delivering healthcare with the added benefit of addressing rising cost pressures.