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System Analytics

Fujitsu America Legacy Modernization

Fujitsu and our Legacy Modernization partners have an impressive array of Systems Analysis tools at our disposal. These tools range from the ability to trawl networks looking for applications that a client doesn’t know exists, through toolsets designed to help evaluate size and plan modernization options, through to products that are permanently used by clients to keep the documentation of their applications up to date.

Systems Analytics

The following list is a subset of the tools we have at our disposal:

  • 2SQL Inspector – Network crawler
  • 2SQL Detective – Application conversion examination and sizing
  • Gupta Composers - Lotus Notes Application Analysis
  • Dell Software Analyzer – Lotus Notes Application Analysis
  • Fujitsu SoftwareMap – Diagrammatic rendition of entire systems
  • Fujitsu Progression – Mainframe analysis
  • Ateras EAV – Mainframe documentation
  • FreeSoft Liberator – Mainframe reconciliation and analysis
  • Fujitsu CoolCat – Visual Basic Analysis
  • MSS International – Unisys System Analysis
  • Red Hat Pathways - UNIX to Linux Re-host analysis

Application Value Assessment

System Migration


Data Migration

Interface Modernization


Major Client Drivers

Partner Program


System Analytics

Legacy Modernization Cloud Modernization




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