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Cloud Modernization

Fujitsu and our Legacy Modernization partners have numerous capabilities which assist organisations to migrate part or all of their systems to cloud platforms.

  • Our Application Value Assessments can identify the suitability of systems for specific cloud service types, or if only part of the system should reside on the cloud
  • Our System Analytics, can seek out issues, warnings and inefficiencies within bespoke application so that they can be fixed to help make the systems cloud ready
  • Our User Interface Integration allows for rapid modernization of the front end via Fujitsu cloud service to all modern user devices such as mobile and PC.
  • Our migration services help clients move applications from non-compliant technology to cloud read technology such as Linux and Windows, Java and .NET and current relational databases


With the help of our global partner program we have abilities to help your organization move the applications that you have built over the years on to cost effective cloud services platforms ensuring that they take advantage of the benefits.

Application Value Assessment

System Migration


Data Migration

Interface Modernization


Major Client Drivers

Partner Program


System Migration

Legacy Modernization Cloud Modernization




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