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Fujitsu Legacy Modernization

Fujitsu has created a global Legacy Modernization offering whose mission is to assist organizations in gaining the greatest benefit from the investment already made in their existing applications and to reduce or remove the issues and risks that the systems maybe causing the organization.

The Legacy Modernization offering is focused on the business enablement needs of our clients and the enormous potential that the existing systems possess. Your organization has invested a great deal of time and effort in ensuring the systems conform to your business requirements and Legacy Modernization can take them that extra step which improves longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility, whilst reducing the issues that may be hampering the systems such as vendor lock-in, unacceptable costs, technological redundancy, skills rarity and unacceptable time to market.

Fujitsu has built a globally available modernization offering with our program partners that covers many of the business and technology requirements you may need to get the most from your system portfolio. Starting with Application Value Assessments and progressing on the journey with you all the way through to deployment, Fujitsu and our partners have the skills and experience to guide you on the journey to ensure you receive the sort of business enablement that you desire.

Application Value Assessment

 System Migration


Data Migration

Interface Modernization


Major Client Drivers

Partner Program


System Analytics

Legacy Modernization Cloud Modernization		 

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