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Case Studies


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Using a comprehensive range of Fujitsu hardware and software solutions, BIG deployed an end-to-end ICT platform that delivers big business benefits.

Case Study: Fujitsu Vietnam LimitedFujitsu Vietnam Limited (Vietnam)
To meet the current and future ICT requirements of their business, FVL reduced time and avoided complexity by implementing the flexible Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit.


Kanto Gakuin University (Japan)
Leveraging Fujitsu’s Experience with private cloud environments, Kanto Gakuin University was able to quickly implement a centralized, secure infrastructure that reduced costs.
Shanghai Science & Technology Network Communications - STNC (China)
Fujitsu’s cloud computing platform enables STNC to deploy a cloud environment easily and efficiently.
The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (China)
"By fully understanding the requirements of customers, Fujitsu Taiwan built a standardized, virtualized and automated cloud."