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Fujitsu delivers innovative software from own development and from leading partners to design, build and manage dynamic infrastructures that enables you to improve service quality, to increase flexibility and to raise efficiency. It is designed for virtualized and automated environments that drive business agility.

Fujitsu Retail Suite

Fujitsu has developed the Fujitsu Retail Suite (FRS) to enable companies to minimize the time, cost and risk of creating real-time interoperability between disparate applications and devices that support a multitude of retailing interactions.

Storage software Storage Solutions

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage software products optimally integrated and tested with our device and solution portfolio to make efficient use of your storage base. The product range includes:

Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator

Fujitsu's cloud infrastructure management software, Resource Orchestrator, provides integrated and automated management that simplifies deployment, use, operation, and control, of cloud environments.

ERP Solutions

ERP & Supply Chain Solution

glovia OM Hosted Solution

Fujitsu Software NetCOBOL

Open Platform COBOL Development Environment