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ETERNUS CS800 Services

ETERNUS® CS800 is a turnkey data protection appliance that provides a simple, affordable solution for customers who follow a disk backup strategy with deduplication. Depending upon your disk backup strategy, Fujitsu offers two different ETERNUS CS800 QuickStart services for two types of systems: Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Both services consist of installation and configuration of the CS800, assembly and testing of all components, software setup, and expert integration with storage and the network.

ETERNUS CS800 QuickStart Service

The ETERNUS CS800 QuickStart Service provides you with an experienced professional to assist you with the implementation of your ETERNUS CS800 turnkey data protection appliance. This implementation service includes testing of all hardware components to ensure reliable operation, software setup and configuration according to your implementation requirements and integration into your environment. For further details, see these QuickStart datasheets for NAS or for VTL implementation.

ETERNUS CS800 QuickStart Service Data Sheet (865 KB)

ETERNUS CS800 Advanced Deployment Service

On the ETERNUS CS800, you can configure native replication functionality to move deduplicated data between systems or you can replicate data in an application-controlled manner by using Symantec's NetBackup in combination with the Symantec OpenStorage (OST) API. Additionally, NetBackup and OST can be used to copy data directly to a tape library attached to your ETERNUS CS800 (path-to-tape). Both options will give you disaster recovery protection across sites, fault tolerance as well as local high-speed backup and restore combined with a high degree of flexibility and granularity. This service will assist you with configuring and testing these advanced ETERNUS CS800 features.

ETERNUS CS800 Advanced Deployment Service Data Sheet (866 KB)