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Enterprise Product Support Services

Fujitsu Enterprise Product Support Services are designed to expedite the implementation of your new Fujitsu equipment. Fujitsu QuickStart services will help you to get your equipment up and running quickly and to ensure that it is configured properly. This will give you more time to concentrate on your business.
PRIMERGY Servers Server Services
Fujitsu Server Services include services such as PRIMERGY® Services for Blade and Rack Servers and SPARC Enterprise® QuickStart services.
ETERNUS Storage Family Storage Services
Fujitsu Storage Services include services such as the as the ETERNUS® Deployment services , SAN Architecture services and Advanced Copy Manager Implementation services.
STYISTIC Q550 Slate PC SAP Services
Fujitsu SAP® Services include services such as FlexFrame® services, SAP HANA® Deployment Services and SAP System Inspection Services.
ETERNUS Storage Family Virtual Tape and DeDuplication Services
Fujitsu Virtual Tape and DeDuplication Services include services such as ETERNUS CS High-End QuickStart services and CS800 QuickStart services.
Technology in dept - SPARC Enterprise features fully explained Custom Professional Services
Fujitsu Custom Professional Services include services such as Fujitsu Support Packs for Services.
STYISTIC Q550 Slate PC Mobile Services
Fujitsu Mobile Services include services such as Software Image Management and Online Ordering.


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