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FNC Resources - Application Notes

Application Notes

Application Notes focus on a specific usage scenario—an application—and provide high-level information about possible Fujitsu solutions. Some of these application notes are based upon real-world customer deployments. Others are written from a broader standpoint to cover a type of application and our appropriate solutions in a general sense.

FLASHWAVE CDS HD32 OTN Muxponder Mid-Span Meet Applications (673 KB)

Cell tower solutions for tier 2 service providers (353 KB)

High-speed networks for research and education (381 KB)

Solutions for low-latency networks (409 KB)

Network solutions for airbases (498 KB)

Fiber Recovery for Federal Government Agencies (497 KB)

Base Modernization (315 KB)

Connection-Oriented Ethernet for Government (353 KB)

Broadband Expansion in the Critical Middle Mile (386 KB)