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Multivendor Performance Assurance and SLA Management  
NetOmnia is the next generation in service assurance and quality management. This modular software suite can dramatically improve network performance, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) conformance, and customer experience.

NetOmnia offers a single solution for managing any infrastructure: network, systems, applications, facilities and security, providing a unified management system that virtually eliminates inefficient, time-consuming, and costly manual performance monitoring tasks.

Customers and subscribers also want to verify the service provider’s level of compliance with Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). Real time and accurate reports for SLA management are difficult to produce on a continuous basis, and inaccuracies can result in lost revenue and damaged customer loyalty.

To address these challenges, Fujitsu is offering NetOmnia™, a comprehensive suite of performance assurance and SLA management modules. NetOmnia provides end-to-end service assurance and service quality management solutions in a multivendor environment.

Customizable Support for SLA Compliance  
NetOmnia™ is a multivendor solution that provides quick and efficient, end-to-end, real time and historical service performance monitoring. Information is presented in a customizable format that facilitates effective decision-making. NetOmnia helps you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and enables you to focus on your core business by achieving three key objectives:

  • Monitor Ethernet-related performance data efficiently in a constantly changing network
  • Provide consistent-looking, meaningful performance and SLA management information to stakeholders
  • Reduce or eliminate instances and impact of customer SLA violations