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Advanced Packaging



  • IC Package
    Packaging solutions enable customers to reduce size and space requirements. The packages such as CSP (Chip Size Package or Chip Scale Package) and BGA (Ball Grid Array) support high-density wiring technology and are widely used in the market. Miniaturization has forced the use of new approaches in die packaging in order to achieve the smallest possible solutions. Fujitsu has launched the mass-production of SON packages -- the world's smallest level. Fujitsu has a mass-production lineup of super compact packages such as FBGA (Fine Pitch BGA) and WL-CSP (Wafer Level CSP) and beyond. The high pin count packages, PBGA( Plastic BGA) and TEBGA (Thermal Enhanced BGA) have been mass-produced in order to fulfill the size and weight limitations, of, for example, portable equipment.


  • Fujitsu Lead-free Package (Presentation)
    Fujitsu Lead Free Package Specification: Ecologically friendly package with lead being eliminated from its terminal-use material and improved heat resistivity.


Fact sheets

  • Stacked/Multi-Devices (Stacked MCP)
    Stacked Multi-Chip Package (Stacked MCP) is one of the most suitable chip scale packages for wireless applications. Its advantage is the compact stacked chip configuration. In the Flash memory and SRAM configuration, the pin layout can accomodate a 128 MB
    About Wafer Bumping
    Wafer bumping services are offered as a preparatory step for flip-chip bonding or as bumping service alone. The types of solder bumping available include high lead solder, eutectic solder and lead free solder. Lead free bump, which is composed of tin-silv
    Wafer Level Packaging (Super CSP)
    Super Chip Scale Package (SCSP) is a wafer level package that is a true chip size package. It provides a potential solution for “known good die‿, or one test point operation as compared to two. In single chip packaging, it is customary to have testing at
    Wireless Packages (BCC and BCC++)
    The size and performance characteristics of Bump Chip Carrier (BCC) package make it well suited for RF devices, wide area networks, and DWDM systems. BCC is a molded, wire-bonded, leadless Chip Scale Package, and has terminals that are thinly plated on to