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In The News

31 March 2014  PC Advisor
Alarming synthesized speech tells you when to freak out
4 March 2014  PC Magazine
Fujitsu Stylistic S01: Unique Phone Offers Haptic Feedback
3 March 2014  Computerworld
Fujitsu may add palm scanners to smartphones
4 February 2014  Yahoo News
Florida lawmakers to probe biometric scans of school children
4 February 2014  PC World
Fujitsu optical connector may cut server connectivity costs
30 January 2014  PC World
Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 review: Touch-free scanner won't damage source material
30 January 2014  Irish Times
Payment in the palm of your hand
29 January 2014  Japan Times
NTT develops Wi-Fi hot spot van to set up communications after disaster
16 January 2014  Computerworld
Fujitsu Labs makes tech for batch searches of encrypted data
6 January 2014
Putting Fido Through His Paces: The World’s First Pedometer for Dogs
15 October 2013  CNET
Inside Fujitsu's cloud-powered farm of the future
8 October 2013  Forbes
Fujitsu's Factory Farm: Can Cloud Computing Displace GMOs?
8 October 2013  Engadget
Fujitsu beckons businesses with new Windows 8.1 notebooks, convertibles and tablets
18 September 2013  Forbes
The World's Largest Walking Robot Is A Giant Dragon
28 July 2013
How supercomputers solve giant problems
26 July 2013  Vancouver Sun
New software for schools chosen by education ministry
25 July 2013  ComputerWeekly
Balfour Beatty tackles IT simplification through Fujitsu contract
24 July 2013  New York Times
Look Who’s Teaching Smartphone
6 July 2013  eWEEK
Fujitsu IaaS Platform Can Configure Physical Servers On Demand
3 May 2013  Japan Times
City in Fukushima to turn itself into ‘smart community’ with Fujitsu
25 April 2013  BBC
Clear your desk and go anywhere (almost) paperless
15 April 2013  Mashable
Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen
18 March 2013  CNET
Fujitsu tech scans your face to take your pulse
14 March 2013  Engadget
Chile after 30 years of planning
13 March 2013  ComputerWeekly
Warren School upgrades legacy IT for BYOD and flexibility
8 March 2013  Ubergizmo
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E-Series Launched at CeBIT 2013
7 March 2013  Computerworld
Three document scanners: Move your data from paper to pixels
6 March 2013  TechWeek Europe
CeBIT 2013 Video: One Minute With Michael Homborg From Fujitsu
4 March 2013  Engadget
Fujitsu's PalmSecure readers about to be seen in the wild (if you use UniCredit bank)
4 March 2013  Wired
Take Your Family Paperless With These 3 Tools
1 March 2013  PC Magazine
Fujitsu Smart Cane Helps Seniors Stay Mobile, Safe
18 February 2013  CNET
Orange Stylistic S01 is a Fujitsu phone for seniors
14 February 2013  PC Advisor
Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 review
29 January 2013  Engadget
Fujitsu speeds up internet transmissions, declares war on buffering
26 January 2013  Dallas Morning News
Texas Health hospital system uses palm scans to ID patients
24 January 2013  InfoWorld
Fujitsu developing HTML5 app platform for enterprise security
22 January 2013  Geek
Fujitsu figures out how to transfer files using a camera
21 January 2013  Macworld
Document scanner showdown: NeatDesk versus ScanSnap iX500
16 January 2013  RFID Journal
B:MING Clothing Stores Try RFID
14 January 2013  Boing Boing
ScanSnap iX500: a great scanner gets even better
30 December 2012  SlashGear
Fujitsu to bring its senior citizen-optimized Raku Raku smartphone to the US, Europe
30 November 2012  Japan Times
Fujitsu unveils smartphone to gauge skin condition
28 November 2012  CNET
Fujitsu pet pedometer helps chunky dogs slim down
28 November 2012  Wall Street Journal
How Does Your Dog Feel? Fujitsu May Know
25 November 2012  USA Today
Palm scanners get thumbs up in schools, hospitals
19 November 2012  Bloomberg
Mizuho Selects Fujitsu, Hitachi for Bank’s Computer System
8 November 2012  ComputerworldUK
Fujitsu starts 'personal cloud' tests
7 November 2012
Fujitsu launches Eco Track to aid EU companies in complying with new energy law
22 October 2012  PC MAG
AMD Scores First 'Hondo' Win With Upcoming Fujitsu Tablet
22 October 2012  Newsweek
World’s Greenest Companies
19 October 2012  Engadget
Fujitsu's Windows 8 range for Japan includes eyeball-controlled Esprimo FH98/JD all-in-one
19 October 2012  ZDNet
Photos: Fujitsu pitches Windows 8 hybrid tablet at the enterprise
17 October 2012  CNET
Fujitsu beams data from your television to a smartphone
1 October 2012  Computerworld
Oracle, Fujitsu team on Sparc64 'Athena' chip
28 September 2012  PC MAG
Fujitsu Lifebook U772
1 August 2012  PC World
Fujitsu, NTT DoCoMo and NEC to Form Smartphone Chip Venture
25 July 2012  Los Angeles Times
Photog's Olympic challenge: Getting 70,000 people into one photo
20 July 2012  Forbes
Fujitsu To Bring Japanese Food & Agriculture Industries to The Cloud
17 July 2012  PCWorld
Fujitsu to Launch Smartphone for the Elderly
22 June 2012  CNET
Fujitsu intros new portable ScanSnap S1300i with Android and iOS device support
19 June 2012  IT World
Fujitsu cracks 923-bit painfully complex crypto
21 May 2012  Ubergizmo
Fujitsu develops Driview augmented reality iPhone app for their car navigation system
21 May 2012
Tiny sensor reads palms, secures your laptop
17 May 2012  The Verge
Fujitsu's palm-scanning laptop prototype hands-on
15 May 2012  Mashable
Smart Collar Transmits Doggie Health Reports to the Cloud [VIDEO]
10 May 2012  Engadget
Fujitsu outs new Lifebook laptops and an Ivy Bridge-packing Ultrabook
2 May 2012  PCWorld
Fujitsu Releases Platform to Let Standard Mobile Cameras Take 3D Pictures, Video
23 April 2012  PCWorld
Fujitsu Launches Big Data Software Suite, Targets US$1 Billion in Yearly Sales
20 April 2012  The Tokyo Times
Palm readers instead of cash cards in Japan
19 April 2012  SlashGear
Fujitsu refreshes LIFEBOOK laptops with Sandy Bridge
30 March 2012  CNN
Faster than 50 million laptops -- the race to go exascale
26 March 2012  PC Magazine
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 (Intel Atom Z690)
23 March 2012
Can voice software tell when a scam is afoot?
19 March 2012  Environmental Leader
Fujitsu Launches ‘World’s Most Energy-Efficient’ Single-Node Server
9 March 2012  Bloomberg
Fujitsu Chip Unit Expects to Turn Profitable in December Quarter
5 March 2012  SlashGear
Fujitsu Lifebook LTE ultrabook revealed
5 March 2012  PCWorld
Fujitsu Opens Saasification Factory to Fill Cloud App Store
29 February 2012  PCWorld
First Take: Fujitsu’s Super-Fast Tegra 3 Smartphone
27 February 2012  Washington Post
Fujitsu, Huawei, HTC Boost Competition in Europe
27 January 2012  eWEEK
Fujitsu, ServiceMesh Expand Cloud Offerings
25 January 2012  Engadget
Eyes-on the innards of Fujitsu's K supercomputer
25 January 2012  Wired News
ScanSnap 1100 Fits the Bill for Personal Scanning
25 January 2012  The Japan Times
Sony and Fujitsu take Japan into the battle for global smartphone dominance
9 January 2012  Forbes
CES 2012: Five Cool Gadgets On Display At Consumer Electronics Show
9 January 2012  Engadget
Exclusive: Fujitsu's Arrows prototype, new quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone eyes-on (video)
6 January 2012  CNET
Fujitsu 4G femtocell carries global sales ambition
5 January 2012  National Post
Japan to put robots to work on futuristic farm in tsunami zone
4 January 2012  eWEEK
Fujitsu Working on 'Good Virus' to Seek and Destroy Attacking Systems
4 January 2012  The Guardian
Highland council recycles unwanted computers
27 December 2011  PCWorld
NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, and Others to Set Up Joint LTE Chip Venture
21 December 2011  Engadget
IRL: Spotify, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 and Oakley's AP backpack 3.0
4 November 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu launches ScanSnap Connect app for iPad, iPhone
4 November 2011  Forbes
World's Fastest Supercomputer Gets Faster
6 October 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu introduces Cloud Productivity Suite
6 October 2011  Engadget
Fujitsu Lifebook AH77/E and SH76/E hands-on
5 October 2011  TechRadar UK
In pictures: Fujitsu K - world's fastest supercomputer
4 October 2011  Denver Post
Photos: 2011 CEATEC Japan Fair
3 October 2011  MarketWatch
Fujitsu Named Oracle PartnerNetwork Diamond Level Partner
28 September 2011  ZDNet
Fujitsu prototypes resource pool architecture cloud servers
28 September 2011  Press-Republican
Fujitsu showcases new facility
25 August 2011  Seattle Times
First Windows Phone Mango hits market Thursday
22 August 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu rolls out new tablet and mobile security browser service
12 August 2011  TechCrunch
Japan To Invest $1.3 Billion In New Supercomputer
10 August 2011  All Things Digital
Japan Poised to Get First Bite of Windows Phone ‘Mango’
9 August 2011  PC Magazine
IBM Pulls Out of Supercomputer Contract
8 August 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu to introduce new cloud service
8 August 2011  The Independent
Virgin Media to reach another 100,000 homes
4 August 2011  The Daily Yomiuri
Toshiba to sell share in phone business
3 August 2011  MIT Technology Review
Beyond Cell Phone Wallets, Biometrics Promise Truly Wallet-Free Future
3 August 2011  Reuters
Canon, Fujitsu to work on cloud-based data storage - Nikkei
3 August 2011  Computerworld UK
McDonald’s signs up Fujitsu for IT support
1 August 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu unveils new Windows Azure-compatible middleware products
1 August 2011  Wall Street Daily
Introducing the Most Secure Identity Theft Deterrent Ever
1 August 2011  Japan Today
Microsoft, Fujitsu provide info on pets lost in quake-hit areas
19 July 2011  PC Mag
Fujitsu Platform Lets You Deploy, Zap Location-Based Apps
18 July 2011  The Guardian
Northern Ireland Police extend Fujitsu contract
18 July 2011  PC Mag
Report: Fujitsu Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Device Coming in August
15 July 2011  Computerworld
Fujitsu helps complete population census in China
13 July 2011  Engadget
Fujitsu's e-reader gets a refreshed look at e-Book Expo Tokyo (video)
12 July 2011
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet review
12 July 2011  ZDNet
Microsoft shows off unreleased Windows Phone 7 Mango devices from Samsung, Acer (video)
11 July 2011  Computerworld Australia
Fujitsu, Telstra, Transact appointed to AGIMO telco panel
8 July 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu introduces two new mobile phones with global voice communications
7 July 2011  PC World Magazine
Fujitsu releases Stylistic Q550, a Windows 7-based slate device
6 July 2011  San Francisco Chronicle
GE, Fujitsu Back Australia Carbon Plan Amid Gillard Campaign
24 June 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu launches F-11C phone
21 June 2011  ZDNet
Fujitsu scores $25m NBN desktop deal
20 June 2011  Computerworld
Japan answers China's supercomputing surge
20 June 2011  Wall Street Journal
Japanese Supercomputer Claims World's Top Spot
17 June 2011  Wall Street Journal
Fujitsu Forecasts Japan IT Spending Rebound
16 June 2011  Ubergizmo
Fujitsu Creates First Ever E-Paper Patient Badges
10 June 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu introduces public cloud service
7 June 2011  ZDNet
Fujitsu to deliver first Windows Azure Appliance in August
6 June 2011  PCWorld
First Tablets With Intel's Oak Trail Processor Ship
6 June 2011  Reuters
SuVolta licenses new chip technology to Fujitsu
5 June 2011  Wall Street Journal
Helping Chips to Sip Power
4 June 2011  TechCrunch
Could This Be The First Solar Powered Laptop?
1 June 2011  BusinessWire
Ralink’s 802.11n USB Technology Selected for Market-Leading Business Class Tablet PC from Fujitsu
31 May 2011  Business Insider
Japanese Smartphone Doubles As The World's Smallest Windows PC
24 May 2011  CNET
Fujitsu contest winners design the future (photos)
23 May 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu introduces Global Cloud Services offerings
23 May 2011  Computerworld Australia
Surf Lifesaving Australia signs on Fujitsu for IT overhaul
19 May 2011  IT Wire
Fujitsu promises to double cell-edge throughput in LTE networks
14 May 2011  Liliputing
Closer look at the Fujitsu TH40/D tablet with the slide-out keyboard
13 May 2011  PC Magazine
Fujitsu Lifebook T580
13 May 2011  Tablet PC Review
Fujitsu Planning Sliding and Folding Convertible Tablets
12 May 2011
Fujitsu licenses Imagination graphics and media cores
11 May 2011  LAPTOP Magazine
Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Review
10 May 2011  Computerworld
Fujitsu begins taking orders for tablet with new Intel chip
26 April 2011  Gizmag
Fujitsu slots mobile projector in new enterprise notebooks
25 April 2011  TTKN
Fujitsu Cloud Service Deployed by Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Earthquake Recovery Efforts
25 April 2011  Press Republican
Fujitsu to expand in Plattsburgh
25 April 2011
Fujitsu to Provide CRM Solutions for Cardiff University
21 April 2011  Telegraph
Rebuilding Japan: Cloud may have silver lining for Fujitsu
20 April 2011  CNET Asia
Fujitsu develops world's smallest vein sensor
20 April 2011
Fujitsu says all fabs running at 100%
20 April 2011  Computerworld
Linux patent protection network gets boost from Facebook, HP
18 April 2011  ComputerworldUK
A cloud services data centre that is both energy and cost effective?
18 April 2011
Fujitsu finally announces Centrica deal
18 April 2011  Ubergizmo
Fujitsu Raku-Raku Basic 3 cell phone
14 April 2011  Wall Street Journal
Fujitsu to Build Super-Fast Network for Rural UK
12 April 2011  ITProPortal
Ingram and Fujitsu Expand Cloud Services
12 April 2011  Register
Oracle, Fujitsu goose Sparc M3000 entry box
7 April 2011  Computerworld Australia
Company size no indicator of Green IT readiness: Survey
6 April 2011  Huffington Post
Will Another Crisis Let Japan Gain Economic Advantage?
4 April 2011  Wall Street Journal
Fujitsu Chief Looks at Japan's Crisis
4 April 2011  IT Pro
Fujitsu fi-6800 review
4 April 2011  Business Wire
Fujitsu Teams with Colfax to Promote 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Solarflare 10GbE Server Adapters Bundle
1 April 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu launches new cloud consulting service
31 March 2011  Wall Street Journal
Fujitsu Sees Quake Impact in 'Billions of Yen'
31 March 2011  PC World
Fujitsu taps into mobile 3D Trend, ships lifebook AH572
29 March 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu to support StartUp Britain Initiative
29 March 2011
Stagecoach extends Fujitsu contract for rail ticketing systems
28 March 2011  EE Times
Fujitsu fast-cycle RAM found in Nintendo 3DS
28 March 2011  Reuters
NEC, Fujitsu to delay personnel changes - Nikkei
24 March 2011  Wall Street Journal
Chip Makers Slowly Resume Output in Japan
24 March 2011
Solarflare Gets Win With Fujitsu
23 March 2011  HPCWire
HPC Wales Taps Fujitsu to Build Supercomputing Grid
22 March 2011  UberGizmo
Fujitsu power strip and gateway lets you monitor your power consumption
21 March 2011  AME Info
Fujitsu has highest growth among top 5 global server vendors in 4Q10
21 March 2011  Computerworld
Fujitsu poised to invest $80m in datacentres
21 March 2011  CrunchGear
Fujitsu Power Strip Shows How Much Electricity Companies Consume
15 March 2011  PC World
Fujitsu Lifebook T580: Tablet Computing at a Price
14 March 2011  DatacenterDynamics
Fujitsu Labs reduces power and cooling need for 40Gbps transmissions
11 March 2011  TTKN News
Fujitsu Promotes W3C’s "Efficient XML Interchange Format 1.0"
8 March 2011  CNET
Fujitsu's New Car Audio Design Kit Has No CD Player
7 March 2011  TechRadar UK
Fujitsu Signs Partnership with ARM
7 March 2011  Third Factor
Richemont Deploys Fujitsu Solutions
6 March 2011  EE Herald
PCI Express Connector from Fujitsu for Harsh Conditions
3 March 2011  Akihabara News
Fujitsu to Jump into the e-Book Business this May in Japan
3 March 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu to Launch Online e-Book Store in May 2011
3 March 2011  Reuters
Nintendo's 3DS Contains Toshiba, Fujitsu Chips: iFixit
1 March 2011  PC World
Arm Agrees to Let Fujitsu Use More of Its Technology
1 March 2011  Tech Digest
CeBIT 2011 VIDEO: Fujitsu Reveal World's First Totally Wireless PC Display
1 March 2011  Engadget
Fujitsu and Partners Show Off Cord-Free Display using SUPA Wireless Power (Video)
27 February 2011  ZDNet
Fujitsu Hooks Local Cloud into Global Network
26 February 2011  Good E-Reader
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Will Start Shipping this Spring and for Under $800
23 February 2011  Computer Business Review
Fujitsu Introduces New ScanSnap Network Scanner
22 February 2011  Tablet PC Review
Fujitsu Business Tablet PC to Have Extra Security Features
21 February 2011  PC World
Fujitsu to Launch Windows 7 Business Tablet