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Hannaford Bros.

Hannaford Standardizes Kash n' Karry IT Services With Fujitsu

When Belgium-based Delhaize Group recently tasked its grocery subsidiary Hannaford Bros. Co. to take over management of information technology operations for its sister company Kash n' Karry, Hannaford CIO Bill Homa was left with twice as many stores to oversee, a complex array of technology vendors to sort through and no additional staff support.

"There's power in simplicity," Homa said. "When we merged Kash n' Karry's IT operations, there was no overarching technology plan in place and we needed to standardize our platforms, products and vendors.

"IT can either block organizations from achieving their goals, or become an enabler when included in a company's overall strategy. Kash n' Karry's previous on-site maintenance process was complicated and a barrier to reaching their business goals. They are now starting to benefit from the simplified, centralized support system we're currently implementing."

As Hannaford narrowed its list of vendors, the Portland, Maine-based grocer had to decide on a service provider that had the ability and experience to maintain Hannaford's existing infrastructure while absorbing responsibility for Kash n' Karry's IT operations.

Hannaford chose long-time partner Fujitsu because of its successful track record and willingness to adapt its processes to fit Hannaford's needs.

"Most service providers have a standard service model and require their customers to fit that model. Selecting Fujitsu was an easy decision because they've delivered value to us over a long period and have showed eagerness to modify their model to fit our IT requirements," Homa said. "It's a win-win situation because our agreement is based on both parties being successful, not just obtaining the lowest price possible."

For more than 15 years, Frisco, Texas-based Fujitsu Transaction Solutions has provided field support for Hannaford's POS hardware platforms. Fujitsu seamlessly integrated Kash n' Karry's 103 Florida stores using a centralized service automation system and solid communications network.

"Our services offering revolves around a centralized, flexible system of applications that is customized to meet the IT demands of our customers," said Doug Wallace, senior vice president of client operations at Fujitsu. "If a problem arises that is beyond the capabilities of Hannaford's call center, the system automatically and electronically prints a service ticket at our Frisco call management center and we dispatch a technician to fix it."

Hannaford took over Kash n' Karry's front-end technology on Jan. 1 and the remaining IT systems switched over on Apr. 4. First results include significantly lower on-site maintenance costs as well as improved system and equipment uptime, ensuring optimal service for all grocery lanes and a smooth checkout for grocery customers.

With Fujitsu's help, Hannaford's support center almost doubled the number of stores for which it is responsible, with no increase in support staff.

"Unlike similar vendors, Fujitsu's account managers are our advocates, not antagonists," said Homa. "They turned potential chaos into order and have made this a smooth and seamless transition for both Hannaford and Kash n' Karry by making our IT hardware and software ?invisible' to the customer."


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  • Standardize platforms, products and vendors
  • Simplify technology maintenance and support
  • Integrate maintenance for new store chain


  • Improved service levels and equipment up-time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved customer service