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Career Development

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Fujitsu supports ongoing professional development emphasizing the acquisition of skills and practical experience, needed to better serve its customers and meet market requirements.

Self-study and in-class training
Employees can choose among self-study or in-class training programs. Fujitsu has recently launched Sempai, a portal that includes various resources, courses and training programs. Among others, the site allows to access NetCampus, Fujitsu's ideal online self-training tool. The different training approaches are increasingly put forward to enable employees to train at their own pace.

Sempai: Discover our portal with simplified access to training.

Fujitsu NetCampus: Find out more about our online training tool.

External Training
Fujitsu supports its employees who need training not available in the range of courses offered. It more specifically provides financial assistance to employees seeking external development opportunities to enhance their skills.

Employment training
Training on the job at Fujitsu enables employees to put into perspective what they learn in class. Training on the job in real-project contexts provides employees with the practical experience necessary to meet challenges arising throughout their careers.