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Working Conditions

Working Conditions Conscious of the important role employees have at Fujitsu, Fujitsu Canada has designed a working environment where both success and self-realization are ensured and ambitions are fed, not to mention where creativity, innovation and collaboration are highly encouraged.

We offer an overall compensation program and competitive fringe benefits:
  • Employee and family group insurance plan (partly paid by Fujitsu)
  • Statutory & civic holidays in accordance with your province of residence
  • Vacation leave entitlement based on your completed years of service
  • 75 % refund of professional development costs
  • 100% refund of training costs related to the acquisition of skills in line with the market or practice
  • Refund of professional fees required for employment performance
  • 50% refund of cost of membership in an organization relevant to employment performance
  • Employee recommendation program
  • Employee Assistance program
  • Flexibility ensuring balance between work and personal life

Corporate savings plan

  • Employer savings plan contribution up to 4% of annual salary

Company recognition programs

  • Peer recognition and employee reward programs

Some of the program benefits and provisions are provided by Fujitsu through insurance carriers and others are provided in accordance with the laws of the province in which you are employed. All benefits in the program are annually reviewed and Fujitsu reserves the right to modify or terminate any of the above benefits at any time at its sole discretion with or without notice.