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CSR Policy and Promotion Framework

To Advance CSR Activities as an Integral Part of Business

Picture: Mitsuya Yasui, Corporate Executive OfficerMitsuya Yasui
Corporate Executive Officer

In December 2010, the Fujitsu Group established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and determined five priority issues around which it will focus its CSR practices.

Based on this CSR policy, the Group will focus on five priorities in a more forceful response to the multiple needs and expectations of stakeholders so as to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet, discharging its responsibilities as a truly global ICT company. In addressing the priority issues, Fujitsu will set short- and medium-term objectives and follow the PDCA cycle in making actual progress.

Regarding these priority issues, we have set Medium-Term Targets to be achieved in FY 2020, and are steadily advancing initiatives through periodic reviews by the CSR Board Meeting and the CSR Promotion Committee

The Fujitsu Group leverages the framework of ISO26000, the international standard for social responsibility, and follows a PDCA cycle that begins with an annual survey of Group companies.

Looking ahead, we will disclose and share our progress within and outside the company, and will move forward with CSR activities that are an integral part of management.

*1 The Fujitsu Group's Stakeholders:
The Group sees its customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investors, and global and local communities as its stakeholders. Government authorities, NPOs, and NGOs are particularly important stakeholders in these global and local communities.

CSR Policy

CSR at Fujitsu is practiced by implementing the Fujitsu Way. In all its business activities, by implementing the Fujitsu Way in light of the expectations and needs of multiple stakeholders, the Fujitsu Group contributes to the sustainable development of society and the planet. Our CSR initiatives focus on the five challenges below.

In addressing these challenges, we demonstrate a commitment to responsible business operations as a global ICT company.

Key CSR Issues

Within the Fujitsu Group, the basic strategy working group established in 2012 by the CSR Promotion Committee conducted interviews with outside experts regarding the expectations and demands on Fujitsu, based on an awareness of international CSR norms and global social issues. The working group then formulated five key challenges in its basic CSR guidelines.

Chart: FUJITSU Group CSR Policy

To update these guidelines in FY2016, an internal survey (targeting unit heads and higher) was conducted with the aim of identifying Group-wide issues. The survey was based on a list of issues compiled from changes in the business environment and the latest international trends in sustainability. At the same time, dialogue sessions with outside experts were again held to clarify the expectations and demands on Fujitsu and key areas were identified from both internal and external perspectives.

Going forward, we will be working to finalize and integrate the key issues for the entire Group, as well as selecting KPIs that will be effective in boosting corporate value.

Materiality Analysis
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Organization Promoting CSR

Strengthening the Global CSR Governance Structure

From April, 2015, to promote and disseminate Fujitsu Group's global CSR activities, we are enhancing our governance structure. Specifically, we have established a "CSR Board Meeting" as a platform for the heads of four regions*2 to provide their opinions and discuss regional issues, policies and initiatives implemented by Liaison Delegates (LDs) and at the individual office level. Furthermore, the Fujitsu Group has newly established a "CSR Global Community". This will be utilized as global communication platform, such as sharing information approved by the CSR Board Meeting, promotion of CSR initiatives by individual themes in coordination with related departments, and sharing of good practices within the group. Through both top-down and bottom-up approaches, the Fujitsu Group will promote cross-regional CSR activities.

*2 Four regions:
EMEIA: Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa, America, Asia (including Japan), Oceania

Fujitsu Group 3rd CSR Board Meeting

Picture: Heads of region and Liaison DelegatesHeads of region and Liaison Delegates

Picture: Corporate Executive Officers and members of the relevant departments from headquartersCorporate Executive Officers and members of the relevant departments from headquarters

Today, the social responsibility borne by global companies has become a shared theme in countries and regions around the world, and we must earnestly align ourselves more closely with global standards in order to achieve the rapid globalization of business. At the third CSR Board Meeting held in April 2016, the following initiatives were discussed.

Key Acknowledgements Approved at the 3rd CSR Board Meeting
Approved Item Policy / Measures
Group management
(Human rights/labor-related)
Report on the adoption of a human rights due diligence process (including the status of the implementation of e-learning based on a "Business and Human Rights" workshop held in the U.S. in collaboration with Shift, a U.S. human rights NGO, as well as on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights)
Supplier management
(CSR procurement-related)
Initiative aimed at EICC members
  • Step 1: Formulation of plans for self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) / auditing
  • Step 2: Risk evaluation at Fujitsu / suppliers
  • Step 3: Implementation of inspection / remediation measures at high-risk FGCs / suppliers
Information disclosure
Issuing/distribution of CSR reports and integration reports based on international guidelines and frameworks
Implementation of CSR activities in regional areas Regional updates and expectations / demands regarding CSR activities issued to Head Office, etc.

CSR Promotion Committee

To promote CSR management across the entire Fujitsu Group, the CSR Promotion Committee has been established under the chairmanship of the Corporate Executive Officer (EVP, Head of Legal, Compliance & IP Unit) and with administrative support from the CSR Division. The Committee sets key performance indicators (KPI), communicates CSR information, and holds regular reviews of Fujitsu's business as well as new examples of our social contribution activities and the status of our business and a sustainable society.