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Meeting Room

Meeting Room Solution Virtual Reality Clean Desk Solution

Collaboration & Meeting Room Solution

Do not waste precious time with VGA or HDMI cables or troubleshooting your screen resolution while setting up in a meeting room. Avoid the frustration and connect wirelessly to get your meeting underway instantaneously with our Collaboration & Smart Meeting Room Solution.

The solution is powered by our FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q956/MRE with Intel® Unite™. It allows you to connect your device instantly to the big screen with full audio and visual. Invite your guests and colleagues to share presentations and annotations without cumbersome 3rd party apps or workarounds.

Meetings still remain crucial to business collaboration, but yet are one of the most significant causes for loss in productivity. Our Collaboration & Smart Meeting Room Solution powered by Intel® Unite™ can help you solve these issues without investing major capital into cumbersome video conferencing solutions.