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Fujitsu Rail solutions

Maintaining infrastructure

With rail passenger numbers rising and rail freight increasing, the network is running at close to full capacity. Fujitsu’s IT services are tailored to help the rail industry overcome growing demand, more effectively utilise capacity and maximise the usage of the rail network. Fujitsu can help update your IT infrastructure to create seamless connectivity, to help you to increase capacity and put more trains on the tracks.
CASE: Environment agency
Helping people take control of flood risk with innovative service. 
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Connect all your business functions seamlessly 
Our managed network services provide seamless connectivity to stations and depots, supporting critical functions including CCTV, ensuring your resources are fully utilised and working to full capacity.

CASE: With Augmented Reality, Metawater improved the quality of on-site work and technology transfer

Fujitsu’s hyper-connected van delivers a range of services:

Point solutions 
Our Information Management Systems help optimise rail operations, by supporting a wide range of different users. From office workers to construction site workers, Fujitsu provides robust and flexible mobile access.

Security and flexibility  
Fujitsu deliver significant IT capability upgrades to the rail industry. Our dual datacentres, network management and application management solutions provide the security and flexibility that is needed to keep your organisation running seamlessly.
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