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Fujitsu Forum 2016 - Fujitsu Forum 2016 : Fujitsu Belgium

Demonstration Center

Demonstration CenterThe Fujitsu Forum 2016 exhibition covering 3,500 sq. metres shows the wide-ranging extent of the innovative Fujitsu portfolio and illustrates Digital Transformation live. Highlights await visitors at their every step - particularly in the retail, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, government and education sectors where there is a huge package of innovative cloud-based and on-premise solutions as well as best-in-class software architectures, services and the latest infrastructure technologies. In addition, Fujitsu Laboratories, the R&D division at Fujitsu, will be presenting some of its current research projects which will be ready-for-market in just a few years.

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Fujitsu Forum 2016


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Fujitsu Forum 2015

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