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How PalmSecure can be used

The opportunities to implement palm vein technology span a wide range of vertical markets, including security, financial/banking, healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. Applications for the device include:

  • Physical admission into secured areas
  • Log-in to PCs or server systems
  • Access to POS
  • ATMs or kiosks
  • Positive ID control
  • Other industry-specific applications

Fujitsu has developed secured control and monitoring of SAP activities using biometric authentication with Fujitsu PalmSecure and bioLockTM from realtime AG. PalmSecure technology has also been incorporate into our wider product range, including the CELSIUS Workstation H730 and LIFEBOOK U904 with PalmSecure.

Customer Case Studies

See how Fujitsu’s customers are benefiting from PalmSecure:

  • Banco Bradesco partnered with Fujitsu to develop South America's first biometric AT security solution. The Bradesco team were able to successfully provide more than 70 million customers instant and secure access to their accounts, while reducing fraud related costs to almost zero.
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  • Ferencváros Soccer Club scores with BioSec biometric personal identification system for its new stadium
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  • PCS and Fujitsu TDS develop solution based on PalmSecure to provide maximum access security for sensitive areas
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  • Further case studies from Fujitsu North America