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Digital Workplace

Connect, Collaborate and Innovate

What’s driving the pace of change in businesses today? Simple answer: people.

Mobilising the enterprise is one of the greatest issues facing businesses in the coming years, as the digital revolution becomes increasingly apparent. As a result, businesses are looking at how they balance cost reduction with innovating and maintaining their legacy environments.

Digital technologies are changing the workplace for everyone. We’re seeing elements of the traditional ‘workplace’ dissolve; as technology expands the ability for personalisation, connection and collaboration

Businesses are challenged to increase employee effectiveness and engagement by enabling and delivering a more consumer-like computing environment. Increasingly work is no longer a place people go to, but the thing people do.

CIOs and IT leaders need to consider developing a more social, mobile and data-driven work environment that can support their changing business needs. It is also an opportunity to exploit trends such as Internet of Things, as well as new “as a service” models, including Windows 10, to help them reduce costs and grow their business.

To get ahead, businesses must make strong workplace and IT transformation strategies a priority. This will capitalise on the changing environment, and harness transformational digital technologies to drive effective innovation.

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Working with Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s Workplace Anywhere securely connects people, data and applications, leveraging the best in consumer technologies. By taking a user-centric, personalised approach to the way you work, employees are more productive and empowered to innovate and create value.

We deliver a blended managed service, providing access to traditional, mobile, virtual and ‘as a service’ enterprise applications with an intuitive ‘app store’ user experience. The result is an agile, digital and connected workforce.

Implementing the Digital Workplace

Fujitsu’s Workplace Anywhere securely connects people, data and applications. By using a personalised approach, employees become more productive and empowered to innovate and create value. Discover more about what Fujitsu offers:

  • End User Services

    Our end user services portfolio brings together your applications, data and communications into a single and secure virtualised environment, to deliver a performance you can truly rely on.

    Our portfolio includes Virtual Workplace, Classic Client Services, Managed Mobile and Unified Communications and Collaboration Services.

    • Virtual Workplace
      Our proven approach to desktop virtualisation enables us to run and manage your operating systems, applications, user settings and data centrally.

    • Classic Client Services
      Designed to take care of your traditional desktop environment, delivering a rich client service for employees that require localised access to applications and data.

    • Managed Mobile
      An enterprise-class, cloud-based modular service for managing and securing mobile devices and supporting mobile users. Helping you manage the growing complexity of diverse mobile infrastructures, while protecting corporate data and privacy.

    • Windows 10
      Windows 10 is unlike any upgrade you’ve embarked on before – with built-in biometric security, Cortana, tight cloud integration and plenty of features your users will love. We can help you put Windows 10 at the centre of your digital transformation programme for the workplace.

  • Service Desk
    Transform your IT from cost centre to productivity driver with multilingual support and expertise. Our expert help is available 24/7, wherever your employees are, and whatever devices they’re using.

  • Technical Support Services
    Reinvent your support services with proactive, preventative intelligent engineering that boosts performance and customer experience. Our service helps your business grow by providing high-quality support, maximising IT availability and minimising disruption.

Success Stories

Holistic IT support for The Highland Council

Watch this video to see how Fujitsu is improving performance, value and efficiency for Highland Council services. The councillor Drew Hendry, Leader of the council, explains the role Fujitsu plays in supporting the local authority in providing services from infrastructure developments to healthcare.

Delivering innovations to Finnish Healthcare

Watch this video to see how Fujitsu’s end user platform, is helping Finnish mental health facility Carea, improve patient care, as well as increase flexibility and productivity in daily operations.

Read more from our customers:

Gatwick Airport

Transforming how staff operate at Gatwick Airport

Read how Fujitsu has enabled greater mobility, flexibility and continuity at Gatwick Airport with Cloud Connect Collaborate – helping to drive a better passenger experience.



Delivering Global Service Desk support to Legrand

Read how Fujitsu is delivering high performance global IT support to electrical specialist Legrand, with its Service Desk solution.


To find out more about how Fujitsu has helped a range of businesses across sectors and industries make the transformation to a digital workplace, please contact us.