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Enabling Digital Business

Connecting the digital enterprise

The Fujitsu Business Digitalisation Practice leverages our unique cloud-based RunMyProcess platform to help you evolve quickly and successfully into a digital business. More than 500 businesses in over 40 countries have taken that journey with Fujitsu RunMyProcess.

Connecting the digital enterprise

We work with some of the world’s most interesting companies to connect end-to-end processes and help them reach their full potential. To do this, we use our unique RunMyProcess cloud platform to quickly and securely build connected applications that extend enterprise systems and processes to the people, software and devices of the digital world.

As passionate digital problem solvers, we use our unique platform to rapidly fix almost every kind of issue – from the smallest irritations in finance or HR to the most seemingly intractable problems of hyper-connected business. By focusing on a lean, evolutionary approach to digital change, we deliver small changes quickly, that ultimately combine to make your business better.

Enabling end to end digital change

Successful digital transformation requires an end to end approach which simultaneously addresses the four interconnected pillars of change. Our platform and methodology deliver all four:

Unify the digital experience
Unify the digital experience

Enabling connected business models means delivering services that seamlessly follow people across all of their devices as they go about their day. By using technology to engage with people wherever and whenever they need you, you can transform the value of your services.
Connect the digital supply chain
Connect the digital supply chain

Digital business models increasingly require people, systems and things to be connected across on-premise and cloud environments. By connecting resources to make information flow seamlessly from end to end, you can create lean digital processes that delight customers.
Deliver at digital speed and scale
Deliver at digital speed and scale

The increasing sophistication of cloud platforms is transforming the way we create value with technology. By moving beyond infrastructure and leveraging innovations in industrialisation, patterns and modelling, you can fundamentally transform the pace of change within your business.
Empower digital innovation
Empower digital innovation

Serving customers better means using technology to empower people on the front lines to innovate and adapt the way they work. By working with non-technical colleagues to deliver applications faster at the edge of the organisation, you can unlock huge new sources of innovation.
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Success Stories

Reducing complexity for HomeServe

Watch this video to see how the Fujitsu RunMyProcess new product introduction process is helping leading home emergency provider HomeServe to maintain ambitious growth plans. By digitising processes and reducing errors, RunMyProcess has enabled HomeServe to achieve greater scalability, efficiency and control.

Download the HomeServe Case Study in PDF.

Enabling growth for I Heart Studios

Watch this video to see how Fujitsu RunMyProcess is helping UK-based digital content studio I Heart Studios to better manage and organise their workflow. The new workflow and barcoding solution has assisted I Heart Studios to gain end to end control while simultaneously increasing turnover by 600%.

Download the I Heart Studios Case Study in PDF.

Press Release

To find out more about how Fujitsu has helped a range of businesses to evolve quickly and successfully into a digital enterprise, please contact us or visit