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Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu's scanner range is designed for dependable throughput in document management applications at desktop, departmental and production levels. Our high-performance scanners deliver speed, image quality and advanced paper handling, as well as true ease of integration and compatibility with more than 200 imaging applications. Scan it with Fujitsu. The Samurai of Scanners.


Meeting Customer Demands

Fujitsu with more than 50% world wide market share in simultaneous, double-sided colour scanners has now extended it's range.  Introducing the new range of business scanners that now includes corporate desktop and work group scanners. Click here (71 KB) to find out our complete lineup.

3RD PARTY REVIEW: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

This is a sponsored independent product review by ENEX Testlab Read more

Review - ScanSnap iX100 Mobile Scanner

"Fujitsu iX100 delivers best in class mobile scanning" by The Unofficial Apple Weblog" (USA site) - Click here for full review

SCAN IT WITH FUJITSU - The Samurai of Scanners

Fujitsu Scanner

ScanSnap Desktop Scanners



NEW! iX100 - 5.2sec / page

NEW! S1100i - 7.5sec / page

S1300i - 12ppm / 24ipm

iX500 - 25ppm / 50ipm

SV600 - 3sec/sheet

Entry Level Production Scanners



fi-6110 - 20ppm / 40ipm

NEW!fi-7160 - 60ppm / 120ipm

NEW!fi-7260 - 60ppm / 120ipm

Mid-Range Production Scanners



NEW!fi-7180 - 80ppm / 160ipm

NEW!fi-7280 - 80ppm / 160ipm

fi-5530C2 - 50ppm / 100ipm

High-End Production Scanners



fi-6670 - 90ppm / 180ipm

fi-6770 - 90ppm / 180ipm

fi-6800 - 130ppm / 260ipm

fi-5950 - 135ppm / 270ipm

Network and Specialities Scanners



fi-6010N - 30ppm / 60ipm

N1800 - 20ppm / 40ipm

NEW! fi-65F - 1sec / page


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