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Dprint (BS2000/OSD)

Print and administration functions for network composed of BS2000/OSD, UNIX, Linux and Windows based systems

Current version: V1.2

Distributed Print Services implements distributed print and administration functions in a network composed of BS2000/OSD, Windows, Linux and UNIX based systems, connected via TCP/IP, ISO or NEA transport protocols. With its symmetrical client/server architecture, Dprint performs on a BS2000/OSD host both the client and server functions realized in a similar way on e.g. the UNIX based system using corresponding products. Moreover, PCs in the network can also be integrated into this concept, enabling a PC client (Wprint) to initiate a print job on a (high-speed) printer connected to a remote host.

This design of Dprint allows all the systems connected in the interconnected network to use any accessible printer as an output device. At the BS2000 end, this function is provided through the support of the spool subsystems RSO (for output to distributed (LAN/PC) printers) and PRISMAproduction SPS (output to central AFP high-performance printers of our partner Ocè) at the server host.

However, Dprint not only supports network-wide platform-independent printer addressing, but also the automatic distribution of print jobs according to optimizing criteria based on current loads - by automatic server selection, flexible pool creation and optional resource transport. In this way, Dprint can be implemented to cover a wide range of uses - from load distribution in homogeneous (local) BS2000/OSD spool networks for the optimum utilization of expensive printer resources, to the central print server solution with BS2000/OSD high-performance printing through decentralized systems.


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